[CBCSTAR] "The Man in Blue", Kang Daniel
[CBCSTAR] "The Man in Blue", Kang Daniel
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[CBCNEWSㅣ씨비씨뉴스] Good morning all, I'm Boyoung at CBC news. It’s my first time to introduce SimSimTangKong  to our global subscribers. 

SimSimTangKong is audio news from CBC, which reports various types of Korean news all over the world. 

Today at SimSimTangKong, we are going to talk about a Korean star whose popularity already spread all over the world.  

Guess who he is? It’s Kang Daniel!!

Kang Daniel recently started to work as a solo and he posted an interesting picture on his Instagram. 

It was a special thanks to his fans at the fan meeting in Malaysia three days ago.

In this new photo, he holds a paper that says “thank you, you became light in a dark world.”

On 13th in the same month, he posted another picture of his fan meeting in Taipei. 

There was no big difference in his postures but at this time, his greeting was different. In this Taipei fan meeting picture, he said “Thank you so much for coming.” 

His special event reminds me of Andrew Lincoln’s proposal in the movie, Love Actually, and Kang Daniel showed affection for his fans.

Now, let’s focus on colors in his outfits. During Malaysia fan meeting, he wore blue and in Taipei he wore more like dark blue. 

He also got the new nickname, “The man in blue.” and this doesn’t mean that he loves to wear blue outfits. What it really means that he’s like a primary color that none of lights can penetrate him.  

Kang Daniel’s strong but really a sweet guy. and his fans are obsessed with his deep eyes.

We also need to point out that he actually looks good in blue. It is good for him since blue reinforces his honest and polite image. It’s also effective to maximize his presence and popularity. 

Before he came out as a solo, he had to get through hard time due to problems with his previous agency. So we couldn’t see him in the media for a while. Kang Daniel definitely struggled a lot but he overcame and showed many changes. 

Finally, we are going to see how much he’s in love with movies. He’s so into them and he said he watched almost 1000 movies! Movies are big part of his life so we might not be able to separate him from them. 

It actually doesn’t really matter whether he watched 1000 movies and we don’t even need to check it out. 

But we need to take a closer look at his potential. Film production company might see Kang Daniel’s affection for movies and take an interest in him. 

It could be possible that he’s in the movie and it would be the best for both him and his fans. 
If his possibility gets added to his love for movies, we never know how much his popularity gets bigger.   

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