'The new Beatles' and BTS
'The new Beatles' and BTS
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[CBCNEWSㅣ씨비씨뉴스] BTS are now global kpop stars. It might be possible to find A.R.M.Y, BTS’ fan base, anywhere in the world.

In Korea, there are about 10 major TV channels. However, unlike other kpop stars, it’s hard to see BTS on TV. So it’s very sad for Korean fans.

They really want to inform that BTS belong to Korea since BTS are their pride.

Although BTS members were born in Korea and became kpop stars, we can’t keep them only in Korea.

They became too popular.

They once appeared as guests on one of famous American TV shows, and looked so confident. Audiences were surprised at their fluency in English.

Host and other guests took pictures with BTS and showed off photos. They also told stories about meeting BTS.

BTS are not just ‘global kpop stars.’ They are legends since they performed at Wembley Stadium in London.

It’s the most significant and meaningful experience that they had a concert at Wembley.

Europe is the home of pop music and for British people, Wembley is their pride. Many legendary pop stars like Queen and Michael Jackson, also performed there, so it is like a ‘dream’ for every pop star.

On top of that, Wembley is the symbol of ‘human rights.’ It’s the place where the Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute was staged. Nelson Mandela was the most inspiring anti-apartheid revolutionary in the West.

Therefore, it was a historic moment that BTS became the first Korean act to perform at the iconic venue.

During the shows, both BTS and ARMY spent great time, singing songs together and sending love and appreciation.

There’s no doubt that the West is obsessed with BTS. Western people including Whites listen and repeat BTS’ music in Korean.

So BTS are not only just kpop stars but also good representatives of Korea. They introduce Korean cultures to the world and make them more valuable.

Their contribution to Hangul, the official Korean alphbet is also remarkable because more people started to learn Hangul to understand BTS’ songs.

Im Chin-mo, a Korean music critic, expressed BTS as ‘gigantic but delicate.’

He also emphasized that the Beatles and BTS are in common. BTS members were from middle class and their agency wasn’t like famous major agencies in Korea.

The Beatles also didn’t come from a major city. As we know, they were country boys in Liverpool. Liverpool is now famous for its football club and the hometown of the Beatles but in the old days, it wasn’t.

Before becoming pop stars, the Beatles were working class men. They got through many struggles and practiced very hard.

BTS also worked very hard to become singers and still do their best to show best performances to their fans.

People had wondered who would become the next Beatles and now they call BTS “the new Beatles.” It’s impressive that their songs reached top rankings in Billboard.

BTS keep moving forward. They encourage and inspire many young people in the world. 

I hope they last forever and send powerful and positive messages to the world. I thank them they represent Korea. 


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