'Fucking'으로 놀림받던 푸깅마을, 방크산으로 이름 변경
'Fucking'으로 놀림받던 푸깅마을, 방크산으로 이름 변경
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  • 승인 2020.12.26 15:29
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[CBC뉴스] 독일 산악 휴양지 방크는 영어권에서 놀림을 받아 주민들이 그 이름을 바꾸기로 결정했다.

잘츠부르크 북부와 독일 국경 근처에 있는 퍼깅 마을은 Fucking으로 불리며, 영어권 언론에서 오랫동안 재미있는 존재였고, 모든 위치와 표지판, 집 번호들을 훔쳐가는 관광객들로 인해 고통을 받아왔다.

German mountain resort Wank says it has no plans to change its name and follow suit the Austrian village of Fucking after it decided to alter its name when residents apparently grew tired of the sniggers it prompted in the English-speaking world.

Fucking, north of Salzburg and near the German border, has long been a figure of fun in English-speaking media, and has suffered from tourists taking photos from all positions and signs and house-numbers being stolen.

Those living near Wank mountain near Garmisch Partenkirchen in Germany, however, have so far been spared the camera-touting tourists and thefts - the signs there are not in a village but built into the resort where in winter one can ski on the panoramic mountain.

Garmisch Partenkirchen's Press Spokesman Manfred Rotzsche told Reuters they had not considered changing the name. He said that while they do have visiting tourists from the nearby U.S. army barracks highly bemused by the name, they simply take a photo and move on, but it is of no concern to locals.

In 2018 the pornographic website Pornhub said it was offering free premium access to residents of Fucking and towns with names such as Titz, in Germany or Big Beaver, in the United States.

As of January 1, Fucking village will be called Fugging, the mayor Andrea Holzner, said on Thursday (November 26), adding that the initiative decided by the local council had been brought by the residents of the village.



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